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Go Swap Auctions

About Go Swap Auctions

Go Swap was formed in response to the increasing costs of online auctions through major providers such as E-Bay.  With a similar philosophy to Craig's List, we hope to provide a method for running auctions and selling items free-of-charge to the general public.  All of our competitors, charge fees at every angle in order to support their growing business.

Go Swap's core mission is to keep auction listings free-of-charge.  We will NEVER charge to run auctions on the site and don't intend to become a major corporation shackled to the demands of shareholders.  Our only desire is to keep auctions free and easy-to-use so that we can save people money.  We will do this by running a minimal staff, keeping our overhead low, and asking for donations from our members to cover expenses.

Lastly, we are committed to creating a democratic process that empowers our users to contribute to the development of Go Swap so that we are constantly improving the features offered here and can facilitate all types of sellers and buyers.  More than anything else, we want this site to become a place where the users dictate the future direction of our service.

We won't, however, be involved in the sale of legally suspect items such as weapons, alcohol, tobacco and pornography.  Please understand that we must enforce these restrictions in order to avoid legal trouble and keep this site free!

Go Swap Auctions was started by Orvado Technologies, a web development company headquartered in San Diego, California.  They have been in business for seven years and specialize in developing dynamic websites using a custom Content Management solution.  This website is managed using their PHP-based content manager.

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